Inkjet printers: characteristics, varieties, differences

Due to the rapid development of inkjet technology, the quality of prints we receive on inkjet printers has increased significantly in recent years. Today, among inkjet printers, there are several classes that differ in functionality and price.

The cost of inkjet printers of entry level fluctuates around 50-60 $. Typically, manufacturers sell these printers below the cost (that is, at the cost of the original ink cartridges). Most models of this printer are four-color and have only 2 integrated cartridges - color and black.

These printers are universal and their capabilities are enough to print text or photos, although the quality of photo printing on special media is much lower than that of specialized printers.

Universal models of middle-class inkjet printers differ from the previous class of printers with higher functionality and performance, as well as the availability of additional functionality. As in the previous category, the vast majority of these printers are also four-color, but there are exceptions. A number of printers from Lexmark and HP have developed an excellent opportunity to use a variety of cartridge configurations.

The user can configure the printer for both a six-color and four-color printing, depending on the tasks set. This is done by installing additional photo print cartridges.

Recently, many companies are developing the direction of inkjet business printers. A price comparison of Konica Printers sold by, a UK Konica Supplier. Often these are four-color printers, but the difference from previous rulers is the ability to withstand heavy loads, and this type of inkjet printer is equipped with more capacious trays for paper feeding.

The development of such printers allows companies to significantly save on printer ink by installing a separate cartridge system for each color.

It should be noted that this possibility was previously provided only in professional and semi-professional models of inkjet printers.

Another very important feature of business printers is the ability to receive high-quality photos even on plain paper, as well as the possibility of high-quality (professional printing) on ​​special types of paper.

Well, the most top (and most expensive) in the line of inkjet printers are photoprinters. Many analysts argue that the driving force behind the development of inkjet technology is digital photography. And as competition in this market is growing, many companies are also trying to develop better products with a fairly wide range of diversity, which differ both in price and in a set of functions and capabilities.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, photoprinters are produced with a six-color system, which provides the most high-quality and accurate color reproduction.