Stimulants of the nervous system

Stimulants of the nervous system - a group of pharmacological agents that enhance the stimulation of the nervous system. Drugs that stimulate the nervous system, are able to increase blood pressure, mental and physical performance, increase the speed of reaction, to reduce sleepiness and fatigue, enhance attention, to raise the mood, temporarily reduce the need for sleep. Do not act selectively, that is, in high doses to stimulate the entire central nervous system, regardless of the point of its main application. They belong to doping.

The application areas for the nervous system stimulants today are gerontology (CNS vascular and degenerative diseases in the elderly). Treatment of various cerebrovascular events (stroke, chronic disorders), pediatric neurology (treatment of postnatal encephalopathy, pyramidal disorders, syndrome of reduced attention span). Unfortunately, it is worth noting that the stimulants of the nervous system with all of the above conditions are not subjected to large randomized trials and ranked as drugs with unproven effects. Another controversy is the question of the appointment of drugs in pediatric practice, especially the appointment of fentamina derivatives, in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease in the elderly. The application of drugs in the treatment group analeptikov hypotension, reflex stops breathing, stimulants in the treatment of depression, narcolepsy.

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