Superior Dota 2 players

The writer of articles from the popular gaming website RTSguru, Julian Williams has recently left us a great article on Dota 2 and League of Legends. As many already know (or are part of) communities Dota and LoL is not being taken precisely well and are the subject of hundreds of thousands of incendiary conversations in discussion forums, which give not only bad popularity to their games, but also the whole genre.

The article explains the reasons for this hatred, anédotas account all its conclusions and reasons, highly recommended read, so I leave it translated and adapted below:
This is a story that begins to be frustrating and unnecessary, and I would like to discuss some of the causes of these problems. Can we for a moment put aside our prejudices and understand?

Today I bring a topic different from usual. There have been some moves between Dota 2 and League of Legends lately I have personally played both a little and lean a little more for League of Legends for some reason which I have already discussed above, none of them relevant to what I to talk now - does not mean I hate Dota 2, not just my amuses me. Still, if you ask any player you will surely find great resentment and anger between the two communities, from disgust to the opponent to harsh and hostile views community.

This was because of utter confusion for me and so I decided to do some investigation. I found some of the answers.

Both games are the same style, right? Five against five, three lines, monsters jungle, fight and gold targets, etc ... It seems unlikely that two such similar communities have so much resentment. A friend of mine made a comparison and told me that the LoL was a game where characters moved more and also facilitated a more permissive game with failures player (More ways to save even if you made a mistake) as a 'Airdash fighter 'type Guilty Gear, meanwhile, Dota, is more like a Street Fighter where a single combo and takes your life for the rest of the round if you get not defend impeccably, almost abusing you the slightest error.

And yet still so far there is not the same hatred between players of Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. By god, No such hatred or between Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros! And they would have many more logical reasons to be faced - Being SF a more complex and groundbreaking game in its genre, that Shoryuken gave life to everything until the current Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom KOF 13, Injustice and not as current as Guilty Gear, Super Smash Bros .. The latter is more casual "new" and let's face it, more fun.

Even with all this when I play Dota and I say I'm LoL player largue me tell me that I am not welcome in their game

So where is the difference that makes these titles both hate each other?

- Many players believe to be superior Dota 2 players LoL

The Dota 2 is more difficult. We could discuss arguments for and people try to deny them but it's just, it's more difficult. The game is much more secret about how you have to play and there are a billion things that can be learned only by repeating the trial and error method until you get it right. True, the tutorial LoL is painful and in no way represents a real game, but do not eat trees, no secret shop, random jungle, dropeables objects champions demanding to know handle multiple units, and (for me) A much more logical way of buying objects.

Skills Summoner Flash (Flash) and Barrier (Barrier) make LoL is a much more forgiving of errors game, but when we talk about games with more experienced players these spells are seen as resources you have to use to make your stage lines much easier. And it's things like this that players consider Dota LoL easier, which becomes a false sense of superiority. They believe they are playing the actual game, difficult, and of course the LoL is a fun game but why people do not prefer Dota? Why? Why? They wonder.

These attitudes are manifested in comments like "I think the feeling of danger and being tied to all my actions and mistakes is more fun" or can also be comments like "LOL LOL TROLEADO GO TO PLAY A GAME OF TRUTH NOOOOB HAHAHA" whatever it is all you get is to create an abyss that makes it difficult to unify both games, and when you get cross from one side to the other is either considered or a betrayal of your family (pass Dota LoL) or enter a complex and incomprehensible game where all players (and the game itself) hate you to death (from loL to Dota).

- Many players do not like Riot Dota

This reason is quite complex, but there is a long list of things that might happen or not happen for one reason or another and why Dota community hates Riot. I will not get to comment and give my opinion of each of them but what is clear is that Dota players are not willing to forget the times that Riot has bitched them accidentally or on purpose. This is not the complete list, as I say:

One is the employee of Riot, Pendragon, stealing the web and making publicity for the LoL (which had not been released to the public yet) after the team disbanded and Icefrog Dota out with Valve . Another is the rumor that Riot was actively preventing squads that had teams like Dignitas Dota 2 for LoL equipment exclusively.

It is great reason for the anger that much of the advertising Riot direcata made reference to Dota. And an employee of Tencent maliciously lied about the price of Dota 2 when he came out to the public.
There is also the fact that Riot create the LCS (LoL Championship Series) and consequently make the smaller and local tournaments LoL seem totally irrelevant for aspiring professionals, which sounds good if you're an elite team like CLG, Dignitas or TSM but ... it is clear that only benefits these top-10 teams.

Just by putting a counterpoint to not seem that I am totally settled against these attitudes: Many of these things were not the fault of Riot directly, but its partner in China, Tencent. Many of these problems could also be misunderstandings or speculation. And some of these things just were nice marketing strategies. Of course they're going to put your game in direct confrontation with its competitor, which they took without doubt the concept and design of League of Legends. Sony did exactly the same during the E3 conference using your announcement regarding used for the sole purpose of leaving evidence of its direct competitor, Mircosoft, and cause a reaction games. Everyone seemed hilarious.

Yet there is nothing wrong in choosing Riot and Tencent reject this type of behavior and marketing - When you choose that type of entertainment consume the creator of it is an important factor in the election. That's why I refuse to spend a penny on anything that has to do with books by Orson Scott Card, or movies, or comic Superman was supposed to do, Uncle downloaded hundreds of thousands of dollars (literally) out of pocket for the sole purpose of trying to prevent gay marriage, for me you can go (ironically) straight to hell.

So I do not blame them Dota players by this decision. But clearly it creates more and more distance between the two sides - Resentment Riot and League of Legends naturally affects the players.

Dota players totally hate the term 'MOBA' for example, and prefer 'ARTS'. And the reason for this is that, 'It is a term invented by Riot'. If they did distance itself from its direct competitor and prevent Dota be the same gender as the LoL or just did so because so wanted the community is unclear; depends on who you ask, these inconsistencies are part of the problem too.

- The Dota came first but Riot is the one who puts the rules

Dota was a small mod of Warcraft III that could put its own rules and did, and turned stupidly popular simply because it was unique in its kind. I'll be honest, I played Dota in his day. But you had to play with people who knew personally because the game was so fucking complex was no other way, and it was a mod, by God, the community was basically appointment.

Unless you're part of the small group of people 'accepted' (that could have had their own T-shirts silkscreened with "Members Only") the game hated you actively and directly, including players. Does anyone remember being expelled from a room just because you had to download the map and meant you were a rookie? Of course I remember, and was sorry, because ... How the hell was I supposed to get the map then? Can I now enter your molona treehouse, cool brat?

So it's a mod / game with a history of over 10 years in which he was constantly ... Updated? Reworkeado (Re-made) would be a better term for it is the same as that used when fully aspects of the game are changed - as champions - keeping the original design but from another point of approach. Dota heroes had to work with limited and modification tools botched Warcraft and are now having treatment ultra-luxurious as it were, things like the ultimate Sand King -Epicenter- now works as it should, for example.

And this is where Riot Games goes, have not only taken many design ideas of your favorite game and have lowered the complexity but also have launched long before Dota could adapt to the qualitative leap necessary for the new times. The result has been one of the richest indie companies in history. I mean, please state: How would you like it if you were a veteran Dota? A little annoying, right? Now, put this with everything before spoken and you can start to glimpse from where the resentment. Dota was here first and LoL has reached the top. The worst thing is that ...

- The LoL is more popular, so many LoL players are superior to those of Dota

Let's be fair here, LoL it is not above the Dota by their superiority at the level of complexity and depth of the game. A Dota players do not like LoL for many reasons, but we must see all the good things that Riot has done in just three years. Yes, they accepted the money Tencent but also managed to make a decent client with Adobe Air and life were sought with any tool that would serve them all together and added a philosophy free-to-play that seemed good. And then all together it seemed pretty sloppy.

But look how well they are doing now. They have gone from that to be the most popular eSports, the F2P most famous, played and full of imitators initial botched trying to make fun games or illegitimate direct copies. Riot has created a set of professional equipment for your game, hired a lot of people to support their new popularity and the overwhelming mass of fans of the game, also expanding his game to many places that had no official servers such as Turkey, Brazil, Oceania and South America.

Do you think we chulearíamos not it? What our game - and I hate to put this argument in such a tone of hyperbole - is infinitely more loved than any other especially with all the aggressiveness that sends us the Dota? Let us proclaim that shit to the four winds until everyone has heard us. But this brings us to the next question Why are we so hijosputa between us when we should have already passed this stage all? Well because ...

- This abuse is fed back

Have you ever played World of Warcraft? I played a lot from launch to the Burning Crusade, but after I left, and have spent years so sorry if I'm wrong about something.

Remember how there was no way that the Horde and the Alliance could communicate? This is because Blizzard eliminated him in the early beta since it was such a terrible idea and as demonstrated in the MMO Star Wars Galaxies long before the launch of WoW. But despite that we can remember how when he came out of beta, the WoW got to be one of the most popular things on the Internet, who does not remember how factionalism made him say among themselves that the Horde was full of elitists idiots and Alliance brats and immature teenagers, like most of the Horde was going to kill the Alis in PvP just because it was funny, and at that time could create you one Draenei without seeing to 6 naked elves dancing in spawn area.

Regardless of who throw the first stone, popular belief says that the players of LoL are all little boys playing a game of stupid and casuals and players Dota are those old idiots and elitists hordes, and this is a stereotype that feeds every time someone uses it. Or until one disappears both- games none of this will end and so the rivalry will only grow with time.

Not long ago a big fish Starcraft community attended the League of Legends subreddit and made them a gift, almost trying to make peace and end the long-running rivalry that had unexplained SC and LoL. And that was quite nice because obviously a division between these two games had even less sense and do not think I could write these 4 pages on that topic. Why we can not do that with the Dota and LoL? Why can not we have some of the players Dota and LoL sitting at a round table calm and saying "Hey you know what? We're all together on this ship, why do not we agree that we are different and we take it for good once? " I would be the first to sign up to the proposal of dota 2 betting.

So do our homework, people. Do you play Dota? Do you play LoL? Seas whoever, who is reading this, I know a little more friendly with everyone. Instead of "disgusting", just say "I do not like" or "Yes, it is more / less easy but is that I like it that way." I mean, it's not a secret that Valve and Riot encourage their employees to play the game of competition. It is not a betrayal; stop acting as if it were.